7 Ways to Summer Proof Your Phone

You are going to the beach for the day and you want to bring your phone, but you’re worried that the salt and sand might damage it. You could leave it at home, but you might need it to take cute pics with your friends – er, finally enter your expense reports from that business trip last week. Not you? How about this one:

SPLASH. Your friend just pushed you in the pool, fully clothed, as a joke. We all have that one friend, right? But it doesn’t seem so funny when you realize your phone was in your pocket. Now you are soaking wet and your phone is completely destroyed.

Or maybe you simply want to protect your phone because you don’t want it to suffer any damage this summer. Whatever your situation, here are a few ways to waterproof, sand-proof, and sunscreen-proof your smartphones.

Summer Proof Your Phone

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XBRL Example Files on GitHub

Did you know that Altova has a sample source code repository on GitHub? We are building this out based on customer requests, and at the moment we’ve posted a collection of XBRL example files, code snippets, and Python scripts for working with XBRL data, including instructions for accessing and processing the vast amount of data from filing companies available on the SEC web site, as well as some essential tools for performing validation on EDGAR filing data.

Here are some details on what you can find there.


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5 Mobile Strategy Secrets that Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know

With projections of the smartphone market growing more than 10% every year for the next few years or more, and enterprise use of tablets soaring, it is imperative to any business today to ensure a strong mobile strategy. Here are some great thought provoking ways to get ahead of the competition and bring your mobile strategy to the next level.

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How to upgrade an old MacBook Pro to Windows 10

With the recent release of Windows 10, I embarked on a fun weekend project to convert my old MacBook Pro laptop (late 2013 model) into a new Windows 10 laptop. The process was surprisingly straight-forward, and the machine runs extremely well with all hardware features fully supported, including the high-resolution screen (“Retina display”), integrated camera (“iSight”), WiFi, Bluetooth, and all external ports. In fact, startup times, as well as time to wake from sleep, are slightly better than under MacOS, and all of the software, including Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc., appears to perform better as well. I’m very happy with the result and this is now going to be my main laptop for all my business trips (and vacations) going forward.

You may ask why anybody would want to convert a MacBook Pro into a Windows 10 laptop in the first place. So let me explain my motivation…

Windows 10 Upgrade Progress

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Tablet Sales Have Plateaued – And Why You Shouldn’t Care

A recently published Forrester study reveals that tablet sales, once soaring as Apple, Samsung, and other tablet producers fought for market share, have plateaued.  The allure of these larger screens has waned as the size of smartphones has grown over time, and existing customers just aren’t as enthusiastic about upgrading their tablets to a new version as they are about getting the latest and greatest smartphone.

One area where tablet use isn’t slowing appears to be the enterprise, as end users continue to utilize iPads and Android tablets for business-related tasks, and employers are willing to let them BYOD.

Mobile apps for all devices

This is great news for MobileTogether developers building enterprise mobile apps for tablets (as well as phones and desktop devices) – but really, they don’t care.


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Welcome to the new Altova Blog

We’ve just completed a major redesign of the Altova Blog, moved to a modern blogging platform, cleaned up categories and tags, and implemented a responsive design that will adapt to whichever device you use when you visit the blog.

Ready for takeoff

We’re ready for take-off and we hope you like the new look…


Manipulating Data in Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Altova MobileTogether empowers enterprises of any size to design and deploy custom mobile solutions that run on all mobile platforms. This post is part 2 of a discussion of the MobileTogether Actions Dialog that lets developers quickly create sophisticated event handlers, control flow, and operations that work the same on iOS®, Android™, Windows® Phone 8, and Windows 8 devices, as well as an HTML5 browser-based client, without worrying about the unique details of the API or SDK for each mobile operating system.

world population
(Click here if you missed part 1, titled Defining Event Handling and Control Flow for Cross-Platform Mobile Applications.)

This post covers some of the MobileTogether actions that manipulate data and are flexible, powerful, and accelerate building data-driven mobile enterprise apps to deliver up-to-the-minute information to busy users on the go.

image update 1
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Learn XPath 3.1 with Altova Online Training

We’ve recently updated our free, online XPath Training course to include information on what’s new in XPath 3.1, which is the latest version of the XML Path Language.

XPath 3.1 adds vital new functionality, including support for arrays and maps, functions for processing JSON data, and a collection of new operators and functions.

XPath Training

The XPath Training course covers these in detail, explaining each new function and operator and illustrating its use with helpful examples.  The course also provides sample XML files that you can download for hands-on practice as you progress through the chapters.

Access the free XPath 3.0 and 3.1 Training now!

Or check out our other free online course offerings, including XMLSpy Training, XML Schema 1.1 Training, and more.

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Foolproof, Fast, and Flexible XML Validation Options

The recently launched Release 4 of XMLSpy 2015 included some pretty powerful speed increases for validations jobs, achieved by strengthening synergy between Altova products. Now, developers using XMLSpy can take advantage of RaptorXML Servers installed on their network for the processing of large or complex XML, XBRL, and project-based validation jobs – directly inside the XML editor.


The XML validator in XMLSpy is powered by the Altova RaptorXML validation engine, which already provides the closest possible standards conformance coupled with fast validation speeds. However, the validation rates achieved are still limited to single-core execution on the CPU available in the developer’s machine.  RaptorXML Server, on the other hand, benefits from the substantial increase in processing power afforded by multi-CPU, multi-core servers for increased throughput and more efficient memory utilization.

What does this mean for you? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of connecting XMLSpy to RaptorXML Server.
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