Friday, September 5, 2014

Meet us in Las Vegas to see the future of Mobile!

MobileCon Altova will be in Las Vegas, NV September 9-11th at CTIA's Super Mobility Week. Come see us in booth 7506 in the MobileCon Pavillion to see MobileTogether, our revolutionary new, cross-platform mobile development environment for building mobile app solutions for corporate data. MobileTogether allows you to build one solution for all platforms – in record time – and deploy it seamlessly to all the mobile and desktop devices in your workplace.  

Let our experts show you first hand how instead of cumbersome and time-consuming native app development tools, MobileTogether unifies the development experience by providing a visual designer, a powerful simulator, and a stream-lined deployment process.   

Feeling lucky? While you are at our booth take a spin at the prize wheel in our booth for a chance to win some exciting giveaways!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Automating Data Integration Workflows – Download the E-Book

We’ve published an e-book titled Automating Data Integration Workflows with Altova FlowForce Server that is now available for free download from the Altova Web site. Here is a brief description:

FlowForce Server is a highly-customizable platform to automate data transformations defined by MapForce data mappings, report and document generation, and other tasks on dedicated servers, virtual machines, or workstations scaled for the scope of the project. FlowForce Server empowers data architects, analysts, and other IT professionals to efficiently complete enterprise-level data integration tasks.

Automating Data Integration Workflows with Altova FlowForce Server provides an overview of the Altova FlowForce Server platform through a series of real-world data integration tasks and examples.

Automating Data Integration Workflows with Altova FlowForce Server

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MobileTogether Mobile App Beta Availability

The MobileTogether Beta period is moving along at a brisk pace as more and more users have downloaded the MobileTogether Designer to create custom mobile solutions for their organizations. This easy-to-use mobile development platform just got a lot easier to implement as the MobileTogether Mobile App is now available for download in every major device’s app store.

Once you’ve perfected your first mobile solution in the MobileTogether Designer and run it through the built-in simulator, you’re ready to connect your device to the Designer for further testing. Be sure to follow the steps laid out on the Beta Getting Started page, and then visit the app store for your mobile device to download the free MobileTogether Mobile App:

Download MobileTogether for your Android Device

Download MobileTogether for your Apple Device

Download MobileTogether for your Windows Phone 8

Download MobileTogether for your Windows 8 Device

Please continue to ask questions, share feedback, and collaborate with other users in the MobileTogether Support Forum.

Learn more about MobileTogether:

· MobileTogether Beta page
· MobileTogether Support Forum
· MobileTogether Video Demonstrations
· MobileTogether product page
· MobileTogether intro video
· A Gentle Introduction to XPath

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sign Up Today for MobileTogether Beta

By now you’ve heard of Altova MobileTogether, the new cross-platform, mobile development environment that delivers lightning-quick access to your data via mobile devices. Now we are happy to announce the MobileTogether public beta period, which gives developers an opportunity to test this game-changing system for FREE and render their data into eye-catching mobile solutions, quickly and securely.

The MobileTogether beta period begins July 22, 2014.

Choose MobileTogether Beta for your BYOD needs

Start the beta process by exploring the MobileTogether Beta information page and then downloading the MobileTogether Designer. This is where you will begin building your mobile solutions and discovering what you can accomplish with MobileTogether. From BI dashboards to enterprise forms to department reports and more, MobileTogether is THE choice for your mobile business solutions.

Creating a mobile solution is easy. Forget about learning multiple mobile languages or using Java, .NET, or Objective-C to create a mobile solution. As soon as you open the MobileTogether Designer, you can immediately start creating impressive-looking mobile solutions using drag-and-drop functionality and a bit of XPath or XQuery knowledge. Once you’ve finished, run it through the Designer’s built-in simulator to make sure it works correctly. Get started now.

After you mastered crafting your mobile solutions—help can be found on the video demonstration page as well as in our Gentle Introduction to XPath —download the Mobile App for your mobile device. Then install the MobileTogether Server, which is also known as “Mission Control” for the MobileTogether system. You will then be able to empower your colleagues with the data they need as you deploy the mobile solutions. Full directions for these steps can be found on the MobileTogether Beta Page.

During the beta period, we will be relying on invaluable feedback from customers like you to refine processes and add new features. Please ask questions, share feedback, and collaborate with other users in the MobileTogether Support Forum. For more information, read all about MobileTogether at the MobileTogether page on the Altova web site.

Learn more about MobileTogether:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Installing Altova Server Software in the Cloud

Cloud-first is becoming the new normal. At recent events we have frequently been asked about using Altova Server tools in the cloud. The answer is definitely, go for it. The installation is easy.

In fact, we use Altova Server Software products ourselves for an internal reporting application, installed on local virtualized servers and on an AWS cloud instance. The charts below were generated by StyleVision Server running in the cloud to quickly communicate information about changes in dynamic data.

Charts created by StyleVision Server

StyleVision Server is based on the built-in report and document generation engine developed for StyleVision and renders .SPS stylesheets originally designed in StyleVision, including features like a rich variety of charts to visually represent data.

In this post we will walk through the installation of FlowForce Server, MapForce Server, StyleVision Server, and RaptorXML Server for a complete data integration solution in the cloud.

Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 XBRL International Conference

Altova will be exhibiting and presenting at this year’s 2014 XBRL International Conference in Orlando, FL June 9 – 11th. We hope to see you at the event. Don’t forget to stop by our booth to speak to us about how RaptorXML +XBRL Server can speed up XBRL validation processes in your organization.  We’ll also be demoing the Altova MissionKit XBRL development and data integration products.

You can also sit in on the sessions where our CEO Alexander Falk will be speaking about problems and potential solutions in processing large instance documents for both government and business implementations, as well as a technical demonstration about extracting useful data from the SCC’s RSS feed.  

We hope to see you there! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Take BYOD From Challenge to Advantage – Introducing MobileTogether

We are so excited to announce a brand new product from Altova for the mobile space, which we will be unveiling today at the sold-out TechEd North America show in Houston, TX.


Introducing MobileTogether


Armed with smartphones and tablets, we are constantly connected to touch screens – yet when it comes to true business productivity, these devices still only provide email, calendar, and contacts connectivity, and not much else. Think about it: when’s the last time you used your work phone for anything other than email?

There has to be a better approach. Altova MobileTogether is the answer.

It brings control of mobile data in-house, where your team can create, test, and deploy mobile solutions quickly, moving from business requirement to live mobile solution within hours. Your organization retains full control of your data, user security, access control, and the entire development cycle.

MobileTogether is a revolutionary approach to creating mobile app solutions for corporate data. Instead of cumbersome and time-consuming native app development tools, MobileTogether unifies the development experience and provides a visual designer, a powerful simulator, and a stream-lined deployment process. It allows you to build one solution for all platforms – in record time – and deploy it seamlessly to all the mobile devices in your workplace.

MobileTogether supports all platforms with free, native client apps:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows 8
  • Any other device via HTML5 browser client




Cross-platform support makes MobileTogether perfect for today's ubiquitous BYOD scenarios and provides for easy adaptation to changes.


In the weeks following the MobileTogether announcement at TechEd, we will make a public beta available to interested customers, with full commercial availability expected this fall.

If you’re attending TechEd, stop by booth 2027 for a demo!


Learn more and stay tuned for more details about this revolutionary new platform for building mobile business solutions!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Houston, Altova here, we have landed at TechEd

Altova will be exhibiting in Houston, TX from May 12-15 at Microsoft TechEd in booth #2027. Come on down to the George R. Brown Convention Center and speak with our experts about our server software products and MissionKit Developers tools.

If you are attending TechEd, stop by our booth to see first-hand how our products offer high-speed automation for projects designed using familiar Altova MissionKit developer tools. While you are at our booth mention this blog post to receive a special giveaway. We can’t wait to see you next week in Houston!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

FlowForce Server Job Cache Enhancements

FlowForce Server Version 2014 Release 2 was launched on March 19, 2014 with enhancements that add functionality to job caching. Job caching allows administrators to schedule execution of time consuming jobs, store the results, and deliver output instantaneously in response to HTTP requests from end users. Our earlier post titled Result Caching Accelerates Application Response Time described how to configure a job to take advantage of caching.

Caching is especially beneficial for FlowForce Server enterprise-level data transformation jobs that work with large amounts of data, require complex database queries, or consume Web services where the performance of an external system may not be predictable.

Now in Version 2014 Release 2, caching is supported for jobs that use parameters and combinations of multiple parameters. In the job configuration dialog, administrators specify multiple cache entries to match the number of possible parameter combinations that are expected in typical day-to-day usage.

For example, let’s say we have a job called SalesQuery that uses parameters to generate unique sales reports for individual regions and products.

We can define the job as a service that is called via a URL that supplies runtime parameters to select the region and product, such as http://flowforce:4646/service/salesquery?region=East&product=widgets

If there are four sales regions and five products, then a total of 20 unique combinations of parameters are possible. When we enable job caching, we simply define the maximum number of cache entries to match:

FlowForce Server result cache definition

The first time the job is run, FlowForce Server records the parameters supplied and caches the result. When the job is run again with the same parameters, the cache entry is instantly supplied.

We can also create a Refresh Cache timer to automatically update the cache:

FlowForce Server refresh cache timer

Most systems define a cache time limit to prevent delivery of stale data and FlowForce Server supports such simple cache expiration limits, too. However, to provide the best possible performance optimization of your data integration projects, FlowForce Server goes much further. The Refresh Cache timer triggers FlowForce Server to automatically run the job again in the background, using the same parameters, to update the cache. Instead of the typical stale cache expiry, you get automatically refreshed cache entry and can fine-tune the exact performance load on your back-end systems.

And, the same behavior applies for each possible combination of parameters, corresponding to each individual cache entry. Each parameter combination is seeded the very first time it runs, then, based on the Refresh timer, it is continuously updated.

Version 2014 Release 2 is a free upgrade for all currently-licensed FlowForce Server users, and a free trial is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms. Click here to visit the Altova Server Software download page!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New XBRL Tools for Compliance and Beyond

It can be hard to keep up with all the exciting developments in the XBRL space. Standards are constantly evolving to make compliance easier and deepen the benefits provided by XBRL for internal analysis and reporting. As a leader in XBRL development and validation, Altova is committed to supporting the latest standards, coupling strict conformance with high-performance, easy to use tools. With the latest product launch, Version 2014 Release 2, we’ve added some important enhancements, including significant increases in validation speeds, XBRL Table Linkbase support, and extended XBRL Formula tools. Below is a portion of an XBRL Table generated in XMLSpy, using XBRL Table Linkbase to render revenue calculations in new and productive ways:

XBRL Table

Let’s take a look at the benefits of these new features for your XBRL implementation.

Increased XBRL Validation Speed

RaptorXML+XBRL Server was already the fastest XBRL validation processor available – and Version 2014 Release 2 provides substantial performance improvements. Validation speed increases are most significant - up to three times faster - on multicore servers taking advantage of parallel validation, making validation of large amounts of XBRL data faster than ever before.

XBRL Table Linkbase Tools

XBRL Table Linkbase is perhaps the most exciting of the many recent developments in the XBRL space. The Table Linkbase gives taxonomy authors the ability to easily define the structure of tables for presenting (and even editing) XBRL data. Sure, the presentation linkbase already lets you define some rules for rendering XBRL, but it only provides for the arrangement of facts in a simple hierarchy. XBRL Table Linkbase goes well beyond this, allowing you to access, combine, evaluate, and present multi-dimensional XBRL facts and relationships to suit just about any requirement.

By standardizing the ability to present XBRL data to suit the needs of all stakeholders, XBRL tables add value beyond meeting compliance requirements.

XBRL Table Linkbase validation is now supported by both RaptorXML and XMLSpy, and XMLSpy includes a new XBRL Table Linkbase editor, which you can see on a new tab in the XBRL Taxonomy Editor.

XBRL Table Linkbase editor

Here, it’s easy to add and define tables using graphical diagrams, context menus, and the Details entry helper window.

When an XBRL Table Linkbase is associated with an XBRL instance, it’s easy to render tables directly in XMLSpy by selecting the new Generate Table option from the XBRL menu. The image below is a snippet of an XBRL table generated in HTML, which presents financials from a well-known cruise ship company calculated in various ways, based on reported XBRL data.

XBRL Table Linkbase rendered in HTML

Learn more about XBRL Table Linkbase:

New XBRL Formula Support

Like XBRL Table Linkbase, the XBRL Formula specification adds to functionality inherent in XBRL in a standardized, backwards compatible manner. XBRL Formula allows use of XPath to validate business rules and/or to calculate new XBRL facts based on reported XBRL data. XBRL Formula validation support was added to RaptorXML Server in Version 2014, along with an easy-to-use XBRL Formula editor in XMLSpy.

Release 2 of Version 2014 adds the ability to execute formula calculations and view the results directly in XMLSpy. When an XBRL instance document open in Text View or Grid View is associated with defined XBRL Formulas, you can select the new Execute Formula command in the XBRL menu to open the Execute Formula dialog box, add any required parameters, and select the formula(s) to be executed. Formulas are evaluated with data in the XBRL instance file, and the results are output in an XBRL instance file. The same dialog can be used to evaluate assertions, with output to XML or JSON.

Dialog for calculating XBRL Formula

Be sure to upgrade to Version 2014 Release 2 to get access to all this new functionality. If you’re new to Altova, you can download a free trial of any desktop developer or server software product, including XMLSpy and RaptorXML+XBRL Server.

And if you’re new to XBRL, check out our free, online XBRL training.